Friday, November 13, 2015

My Arterberry Lineage: What I Know for Sure

I've devoted a lot of space on this blog to the maternal side of my family's history, primarily because our roots in California go way back and that information is easily available to me. Recently, an Arterberry cousin reached out to me (always a nice surprise when that happens!) and asked why I haven't posted anything about my paternal Arterberry side of the family. My answer was simple: I was waiting until I knew more. Information on my father's branch of the Arterberry family has been hard to come by. But in corresponding with my cousin, I realized something: Waiting for what I was seeking would not cause it to magically appear. It is action that generates momentum, and that is when things are revealed. I've gotta meet my ancestors halfway here!
   The above picture is my father, Robert Arterberry. In addition to raising a family, he was a high school teacher, avid runner, and a really good cook. He was born in Dallas, Texas to Lorenza Arterberry and Maggie Lee Taylor. The Arterberry side of my paternal line has roots in Smith County, Texas.

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